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Our Typical Day Will Be the Following:

  1. Everyone is to be in their seats by the time the bell rings.
  2. I will take attendance at the beginning of every class, if you are not in your seat, you will be marked absent.
  3. We will begin each day by going over questions from the previous day’s class or from and homework assignment.
  4. After all questions are answered, the homework will either be turned in or I will check in each of your spirals that you have completed the work.
  5. We will then begin the new lesson for the day.
  6. I will explain and describe what the day’s objective is.
  7. After teaching the concepts, rules, and exceptions to the rules, I will do several example problems on the board.
  8. I will call up volunteers or call on students to go up to the board to do example problems, while everyone else in their seats does the same problems in their notebooks.
  9. I will then take questions.
  10. I will give the homework assignment.
  11. If time allots, students can begin next day’s homework.
  12. Class is over when the bell rings.

Students should use the bathroom prior to coming to class.  If an emergency arises, then he or she must raise their hand and ask for permission.  Students will not be allowed to go to the washroom during a test day. 

If a student has a note to leave early, he or she must make sure to give me the note prior to class beginning.


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