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Classroom Environment ~ My Class Is Your Class

             My classroom environment is going to be a welcoming, inviting, and stimulating place for all students.  I hope to teach highschool math.  My classroom is going to be open to all types of learners.  I hope to have a diverse classroom.  I feel I can bring a lot to a class of diverse learners.  I want my students to not only respect me, but also themselves and others.  No student should be ashamed of what they are nor should any student be harassed for what they are.  I would embrace the differences in my classroom, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional differences.  I believe that you can learn something from everyone and I want to show my students that this is true in my classroom environment. 

            In my classroom environment, I am here for the students; the students are not here for me.  I want my students to feel safe and happy to be in school.  I want to develop a professional relationship with my students and their parents/guardians, so that they both know that they can come to me with any questions or concerns.  I want my students to feel that when they walk into my classroom, they are walking into their classroom. 


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